Sunday, 27 April 2014

Daredevil #2

I review the second issue in the newly relaunched Daredevil series from Marvel Comics, written by Mark Waid with artwork from Chris Samnee and colours from Javier Rodriguez.

Before the relaunch, Daredevil was my favourite book that Marvel was putting out, and thankfully the same creative team have continued their stellar form that was kept at the end of the previous run, and this means that as far as I’m concerned, this title can stay there, especially given just how good this issue was.

Matt Murdock has moved to San Francisco, much like the Punisher moving to LA. Both characters are still in very different environments however and it’s interesting to see how Murdock handles San Francisco as opposed to his old stomping ground New York City. Mark Waid is also starting to introduce both new and old characters to support Murdock’s life in San Francisco, much like Edmondson has done in Punisher with Electro. The Shroud here doesn’t have a villain slot in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 however, but it’s interesting to see his appearance and how it affects Matt, especially when he is reinvented in a fantastic way like almost every character Waid has penned.

One of the highlights of this book came during a dinner scene between Matt and Kirsten, which is interrupted when Matt starts describing how the Shroud looks when the Shroud is on the ceiling above him, which was a fantastic way to let the reader know about this character whether you’ve read every issue with Shroud in or not.

Chris Samnee does the pencilling for this issue and as always it looks amazing – he’s certainly one of the best artists at Marvel right now and he proves it once again with a stellar issue – he’s also behind the cover as well, which looks amazing, and is really enhanced by Javier Rodriguez’s strong colours. Long may this creative team stick on Daredevil – because they’re the perfect match for Matt Murdock.

The best thing about All New Marvel Now is that it allows new readers to jump on board books. That is most certainly the case with Daredevil and if you’re not reading this book then you’re doing it wrong, because even though the pricetag may have leapt up to $3.99, it still remains one of the Marvel books that’s actually worth the price and is arguably tied with Green Arrow for the best superhero comic on shelves right now.

This series has got off to a fantastic start over the course of these two issues and it’s certainly continuing the fine form set by the first issue and the previous run. Mark Waid is knocking it out of the park with a fantastic book, and there is in fact hardly any negative issues with this title. If you’re looking for a consistently brilliant book that hardly ever puts a foot wrong, Daredevil #2 is right up your street.


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