Saturday, 19 April 2014

Sinestro #1

I cover the first issue of Sinestro #1, the latest series to come from DC's New 52, focusing on Hal Jordan's Nemesis, written by Cullen Bunn, with artwork from Dale Eaglesham and colours by Jason Wright.

Thaal Sinestro has lost everything he’s ever loved: his home, his family, his only friend. But no matter how desperate he becomes, Sinestro will never be without fear...a lesson his one-time ally, one-time enemy Lyssa Drak is eager to teach him! Can he take back the despicable Yellow Lantern Corps? Or does the universe have a new destiny in mind for Sinestro?

Until now, I’ve only been following one monthly Green Lantern title, the awesome Charles Soule-penned Red Lanterns. I have however read up to Volume 4 of the current Green Lantern series in digital trades from NetGalley, and can safely say that it’s been a fairly mixed bag ever since Johns left the title. Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern: New Guardians both looked promising, but I lacked the budget to continue with those respective titles. Now however, Sinestro comes along, focusing on Hal Jordan’s famous arch nemesis, and instantly becomes one of the better Green Lantern related titles with a very solid opening issue that should make this book a regular on my monthly pull-list, budget depending.

There’s a lot about Sinestro I’m unaware of, but luckily, Sinestro #1 does its job as a first issue and introduces the reader successfully to the character. If you’re not a regular follower of the Green Lantern titles you can jump on board here and understand what’s going on, it’s perfect for newcomers, and at $2.99, you can’t go far wrong especially given the fact that Bunn is a relatively skilled writer with previous experiences in Marvel’s amazing Fearless Defenders run that he had before it was sadly cancelled, and the reception for his current Magneto series seems to be pretty high at the moment, even in its early stages.

A lazy writer would have simply put Sinestro against the Green Lantern Corps, but Bunn manages to shy away from pitting him against the obvious and deals with a different threat that should be very interesting indeed and it’ll be fun to watch it play out in future issues, especially given where Johns left the character at the end of his Green Lantern run – and it’s certainly good to see the fan favourite villain be explored in more depth in his own ongoing series.

Dale Eaglesham’s artwork is amazing. He gets the character, and pulls it off very well with some suitably atmospheric colours that really help get the mood of the book provided by Jason Wright. Unlike certain new series where the artwork is often off-putting, Sinestro seems to have the perfect match, with its solid artwork impressing and captivating readers, leaving them looking forward to what’s to come in future issues.

So far, Bunn is nailing Sinestro’s personality. He presents the character in a great way, and it’ll be interesting to see where this title takes us as this book features a character who I can certainly enjoy reading about. It’ll be interesting to see how Bunn deals with the character in future issues and whether there will be any interactions with other Green Lanterns like Hal Jordan once again, but for the moment I’m hoping that Sinestro will have at least one arc to himself before being dragged into the many crossovers that the Green Lantern writers seem to be so fond of.

Time will tell, but this book certainly is one of the stronger #1s hitting shelves lately, and it’s certainly found a place on my pull-list with the potential to get even better.


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