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The TV Shows That I'll Be Watching This Fall (2014 Edition)

Hit the break to find out what shows that I’ll be watching this fall.

Updated 29 July 2014 to include The Blacklist Season 2

I've managed to compile a list of the TV shows that are hitting screens this fall, and pick out the ones that I’ll be watching. Now, obviously I’m not up to date on every single show, and can’t cover everything, so you may notice a few missed series here and there. There may even be a few new shows that I’ve neglected to mention, so if there’s anything that screams “Must Watch” to you let me know in the comments below, and feel free to get in touch with me on twitter (@baneofkings). 

I’ve kept this post as spoiler free as possible, so there shouldn’t be any here. Also, the shows listed below aren’t really in any particular order. 

Doctor Who Season 8
Doctor Who isn’t technically a Fall Show as it starts in August but I’m including it in this list regardless. Peter Capaldi is great and I can’t wait to see what he brings to the role as The Doctor, and with all the episodes airing in one go it should be great. The only downer is that I’m missing at least the first two episodes because I’ll be in France towards the end of August, but this show should be great and hopefully offer a much needed improvement on its 7th Season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2
This Oscar Award Winning Comedy about a group of cops in the 99th New York Prescient was one of the breakout shows of last year for me and I’m looking forward to seeing it return for another helping. Andre Braugher and Andy Samberg are always fun to watch, so hopefully this should continue to keep up the high quality of laughs that Season 1 ended on.

Constantine Season 1 - MOST ANTICIPATED NEW SHOW!
One of my favourite, if not my favourite DC Comics Characters is John Constantine (although he was far superior in his Vertigo days) and this series should be incredible. Matt Ryan’s look just screams Constantine and it remains to be seen how he’ll pull off the role, but one thing’s for sure, it should be great, even with the early announcement of the change in female lead.

Gotham Season 1
I’m really excited for this show, which dares to tackle a Batman story without actually having Batman in it. Fox’s track record for keeping good shows isn’t great (Firefly and Almost Human, I’m looking at you) but let’s hope Gotham will bring something good to the table for its Premiere, focusing on the Rise of the Penguin and exploring the main characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had different origins from the comics but remain optimistic.

Intruders Season 1
Following hot on the heels of the success of the stunning Orphan Black (which wrapped up its second season earlier this year), BBC America bring what should be another excellent drama to the table. Intruders stars Life on Mars and Doctor Who alum John Simm, who is a fantastic actor so this should hopefully be great. 

Sleepy Hollow Season 2
Season 1 ended on the mother of all cliffhangers, and it should be very interesting to see how this one is resolved and with the increasing numbers of episodes, Sleepy Hollow should hopefully keep the awesomeness coming.

The Flash Season 1
The Flash should be very awesome indeed. It’s been hailed as the closest to source material DC Comics Adaption yet which should please fans of The Scarlet Speedster greatly. It’ll be fun, and whilst have elements of cheese and CW-isms, should hopefully see it add to the list of CW titles that are good, joining Arrow, Supernatural and The 100.

Person of Interest Season 4 - MOST ANTICIPATED RETURNING SHOW! 
As of typing this, I’m currently ten episodes into Season 3 but am trying to get up to date before Season 4 hits. One thing’s for sure, this show should continue to be amazing and just show why it’s my favourite currently ongoing series, as things should, from what I’ve heard, go even more into science fiction territory – which is awesome.

Supernatural Season 10
I’m currently only halfway through Season 5 of Supernatural, but as well as playing catchup I think I’m going to jump into the show with Season 10 as I’ve been keeping up with what’s been happening over the past few seasons through reviews and news articles. One thing’s for sure, the continuing adventures of The Winchesters should be awesome to follow.

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 2
This show started off very poorly, maybe by the fact that it started too early and was restricted to not even talking about Hydra until Captain America: Winter Soldier hit. Now, with the cat out of the bag, hopefully this show should continue to get better and better.

Arrow Season 3
Season 2 ended on a high and it’ll be great to have this show back, with new cast members and a tie-in series to boot, the leading comic book show on television should continue to shine. Expect some great adrenaline-filled action to come.

Peaky Blinders Season 2
Season 1 ended with a literal bang and it should be great to see the adventures of a Post WW1-era Shelby family back in action. With Cillian Murphy, Tom Hardy and more stellar cast, expect this High Production BBC version of Boardwalk Empire to impress, and have plenty of The White Stripes and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds as its backing music.

The 100 Season 2
As it stands, I’m only 3 episodes into Season 1 but should certainly be caught up before Season 2 gets here. This show is flawed but watchable, and it gets very dark for a CW series (although there are still some CW-isms present, even in the far future) so it should be quite interesting to see where it goes, and hopefully like Arrow, it can make the leap from an average show to greatness. 

The Blacklist Season 2
One of NBC's best new shows, The Blacklist is great. James Spader is fantastic as the antagonist Red Reddington, and this show is lots of fun so hopefully it can continue that trend going forward. The music choices are good as well, and I'm looking forward to seeing what The Blacklist has to offer in its second act. 

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