Sunday, 23 February 2014

Justice League #28

I share my thoughts on Geoff Johns' latest issue of Justice League, #28 - with artwork by Ivan Reis, Scott Hanna and Joe Prado - published by DC Comics.

Even though the cover may suggest a lighter tone, we're still in the middle of Forever Evil and this event has felt like it's reached past its sell-by date a couple of months ago. However, whilst the main comic flounders, Justice League has been mostly fantastic - with #28 being another stellar read that although may not advance the main plot, continues to introduce lesser known characters into the New 52. Last issue was the Doom Patrol, and now it's the Metal Men - in a book that feels like a throwback to an earlier era rather than one where evil versions of the Justice League currently rule the world.

As mentioned above, Justice League #28 doesn't advance the ongoing plot of Forever Evil. If you're unfamiliar with the Metal Men or are a fan then you should pick this book up but if you're only focused on crucial Forever Evil events then this could be a skip for you depending on how well the Metal Men are involved in the future. It's an interesting issue for sure and actually for a change with these covers gives you what you're asking for - a book about the Metal Men. It's a fun break from the Forever Evil crossover as it serves for their New 52 origin, creating some interesting characters and if they end up getting their own book further down the line then it could make for a very interesting read indeed.

Don't expect anything gritty and realistic to come out of an origin story that involves a scientist bringing metal to life and giving them traits based on their atomic properties. These characters feel more at home in the Silver Age then they do in the New 52 and this book serves as good, quick character study allowing the readers up to speed as well as look at the new partnership between Cyborg and the Metal Men's creator, Doctor Magnus.  Whilst this interaction doesn't take up as much focus as the Metal Men in this book it certainly serves for an entertaining read regardless, and things could easily lead to a Metal Men ongoing if they survive the mayhem of Forever Evil - it could also lead to Cyborg joining their team given from what we've seen here.

Ivan Reis only does the layout for this month's issue both Joe Prado and Scott Hanna contribute to the finishing touches - with the artistic team working together really well and this book does not feel out of place in the overall scheme of things - and the quality does not drop at all - instead the artwork brings a very strong addition to this comic and ends up being a lot of fun.

Serving as good introduction and welcoming appearance of the Metal Men, Justice League #28 doesn't waste time with their appearance. The only problem is that this book is a Forever Evil tie-in - and it doesn't really advance the plot as one would expect. But still, it remains a very good issue - and it'll be interesting to see where the Metal Men go from here.


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